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Disable screenshot thumbnail previews

You may have noticed that if you take a screenshot on Mac a little screenshot thumbnail preview pops up in the bottom right corner of the display and floats there for a few seconds. You can interact with that little thumbnail to quickly markup a screenshot, but showing those screenshot thumbnails also appears too slow down how long it takes for the actual screen shot file to generate and be available to the file system.

If you want to disable the screenshot thumbnail preview in macOS:

• Go to the /Applications/Utilities/ folder and open the "Screenshot" application
• Click on the "Options" menu in the screenshot toolbar
• Uncheck the option for "Show Floating Thumbnail" to disable the screenshot preview
• Exit out of the Screenshot application

With "Show Floating Thumbnail" disabled, the screenshot previews will no longer appear, and the screenshot that has been snapped will be created and appear almost instantly in the Finder, much like in earlier macOS versions.