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Arrange, remove and add menulets

Posted in Tips & Tricks

Most Mac users have a clock and some other small icons in the upper right corner of their screen. Apple calls these Menu Extras but Mac users generally refer to them as menulets. What many people have not learned is that those menulets can be repositioned, deleted and customized.

Simply hold down the Command key and your mouse button and drag a menulet to a new position. The other Menu Extras will scoot out of the way as you drag. Release the mouse button to drop the menulet in its new position.

Removing is the same process as moving, with the exception of you drag downward and release the mouse. On release, a poof of smoke animation will appear, to let you know you have removed the item.

Apple provides Mac users with over two dozen handy menulets. Go to your startup disk and select System > Library > CoreServices > Menu Extras. The menulet names should give you an indication of their intended function. Double clicking a menulet will automatically add that menulet to the main menu.